My Mum just got back from her trip, and I said to her you lost weight, “yeah! I did” she said so excited. She said she lost 2kg. I laughed out loud, but I said to her; no really you look like you lost more than 2kg and she said yeah probably “that scale is a liar” LMAO….

Anyway, a lot of people may probably think I’m the last person to give advise on dieting because I never had a weight problem but, I have read enough, seen a lot, researched a bunch and tried one too many diet plans to have a great insight, So permit me to offer my knowledge. If you are about to embark on a diet, there are a few things you should know.


Diet State Of Mind

A successful diet is first and foremost dependent on your mindset; you must understand that dieting (weight loss) is not a quick fix but a lifestyle, you must think of your diet as a practice by changing your eating habits. Habits die hard, and that is why you must slowly wean yourself from your old habit and begin practicing new ones, if you are able to achieve this then you are already a success.

For example Snacking at night; when I get really hungry instead of getting a snack or an actual meal, I usually have a small cup of yogurt. This I find to be very satisfying and before I get hungry again I’d have fallen asleep, feel free to sprinkle anything on top; raisins (I love), dried or fresh cherries, cranberries, nuts, or even chocolate darling (provided it is not a whole bar), perhaps some M&Ms.


open package of alpro soy yogurt


To Eat Or, Not To Eat

It is More about what TO eat, Rather than what NOT to eat: I think a common mistake dieters make is to think about all the what NOT to eats, which frankly is the worst thing to do. The best way to approach a diet is to think about the good and healthy things you get to eat and think about how to make them fun and appetizing for yourself. There is no need to be alarmed by placing too many restrictions on yourself that make dieting feel like a punishment. I have in my life never been on a diet where I said to myself; I can’t have ice cream, or chocolates, or what not, but rather change my mindset towards healthy foods, by increasing my fruit intake, adding fibre to my diet then simply reducing carbs, fatty foods, increasing protein and lots of water.


For example Healthy breakfast, free pass lunch and healthy dinner. Did you know that ultimately with this simple formula you can start seeing results? Simply focus on what you’re adding to your diet Not what you’re taking away. Such as; oatmeal for breakfast with some fresh or dried fruits – and the lesson here is that you’re adding fibre (the oatmeal), vitamins and antioxidants (fruits) to your diet.

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Oatmeal with Kiwi and Banana by @Darkpebble


A diet rich in soy and whey protein, found in ...

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In conclusion, change your mindset by gradually changing your eating habits, like any other addiction you need to take a rehabilitation method, which is slow and steady wins the race. Then add the good stuff, if you’re able to eat at least two healthy and satisfying meals a day, you are less likely to be tempted to eat any other junk. Please don’t use meal replacement or a tiny portion of a healthy meal i.e. a tiny portion of salad, you would just get hungry before your next meal, torture yourself in the process and end up cheating. Bottom line do not allow yourself get hungry, if you feel hungry then eat but surround yourself with healthy foods.



Coming up in part two; we’ll discuss how to come up with a realistic diet plan, and methods of commitment.

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